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Welcome fellow Fuies to our underground home, hidden deep inside the world wide web. If you found us without help from a search engine, then congratulations, you are smarter than Kermit. But I wouldn't tell him that, if I were you.


The archive is automated, giving writers complete control over their stories. At anytime a writer wishes to remove, update, or edit their stories, they may do so. 


With very lenient guidelines, writers have the freedom to write whatever their imagination takes them. This gives readers a great variety of storylines, unique pairings, and odd plots that would make even the villains smile.



With that being said, please understand this archive hosts all types of genre KFTLC stories. Readers are strongly urged to heed all warnings, ratings, and classifications before accessing any story. Remember, everyone is welcome here.








Disclaimer:  Associated names, characters, places, items, and descriptions used in the fandoms archived on this website are the copyrights and/or trademarks of the rightful owners.  The writers  make no profit on these stories and are written solely for entertainment purposes only.